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PhD Comics… The movie!

Following on from the Simpsons and Family Guy it appears that PhD Comics are planning a film… This may be just a gag but hey – if it is, I am not going to complain because the trailer is good enough as it is :) PHD Movie Trailer from PHD Comics on Vimeo. That might […]

The Wall Street Journal falls foul of Freakonomics style analysis and errors

The Wall Street Journal yesterday explained why football coaches vote Republican by revealing that college and NFL football coaches contributed a ‘massive’ $13,000 to the Republican presidential campaign, whereas they only contributed $4,600 to the Democrats. For the WSJ this is grounds for some serious soul-searching as Obama appearantly “outraised Mr. McCain by more than […]

Grad School vs. Unemployment Benefits

Continuing the rational insanity that is graduate school choice and education electronic cigarettes uk over work, as discussed previously, PhDcomics.com offers a sobering comparison…